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Cameron Johnson is a transparent and bold singer-songwriter from Rogers, AR. Mixed with a gritty blend of Southern Soul, Rock, and Americana, the sounds of Cameron’s music are timeless and surprisingly vulnerable. Cameron’s songs are rooted in the message of "you are not alone in your struggles,” and his storytelling will give you a sense of relief, self-acceptance, and hope. Cameron’s self-titled EP released in May of 2019.


what others are saying

“Looking for some gristle and muscle? He’s a man with a rich baritone voice, an acoustic guitar, and a flair for telling tales about people who may or may not be making bad decisions.”

- Rob Weir

“His music is something that is timeless.”

- Eve Smith

“I can hardly wait for a full-length album by Cameron. He has what it takes to go all the way, and I for one will be there waiting when he makes it to the top so I can tell him, ‘I told you so!’”

- Michael Buffalo Smith


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